Friday, August 31, 2007

Family Entertainment

Seriously, what the hell is that guy doing there with his kid?

Slippery When Wet

Well, this one pretty much speaks for itself.

Female Plumber

Perhaps more women should pursue jobs that are traditionally for men.

Dirty Car Message

Dressed for School

Something tells me this school will be implementing a dress code soon.

Family Planning Advice

Directions or preventive education?

Her Secret Admirer

Nice... shoes.

Basketball Kick

What foul?

Extreme Mechanic

Would you want these guys fixing your car?

Kid Caught Staring #2

Jimmy was observant from a very young ag

Attention Dogs !

Bond Mouse: New way to stole cheese

Sniper Cat : Hunt of mouse

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nice way to Relax

Photo with Scooby Doo Gone Wrong

Bush likes turkey

At First Glance, It Looks Like a...

Santa stunts during the "off season"

freinds forever and now freinds together

wow this is yummy : look at this boy

Finaly mom i won boxing : loot at me

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

1000 vs 10 in Football !

He realy loves his master !

where should she go ? Street Signs are missing

Funny Quotes in Images

Funny Quotes in Images

Click the Pictures to Enlarge

Monday, August 27, 2007

More Women Should Own A Shirt Like This

More Women Should Own A Shirt Like This

Solar Power + Car = Baked Cookies

Solar Power + Car = Baked Cookies

Chillin' On The Beach

Chillin' On The Beach

A Seat Made For A Man

A Seat Made For A Man

Old People Get It On Too

Old People Get It On Too
amazing park .... check those horny old couples.

Mens Underwear Ad - Banned in Norway

Mens Underwear Ad - Banned in Norway

This AD has been banned Norwegian society Forbrukerombudet consumers. Consumer Society found that advertising images discriminate against women.
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See the Video AD [NSFW] External Link

Moma playing with fireballs amazing

THis moma playing with fireballs this show is unbeliveable...

living with monster in you new home?

hey you want something like this home only, see we have different types of monster available. they will entertain you day and night !

Sunday, August 26, 2007

kamasutra : scared man

look that man what he is thinking .... hmmm is this his lifes end day today?... lol check her wife size and what she is reading omg kamasutra... hahahaha

we called it super Kick

Wow look at her watta super kick.... is she women or any ghost?