Monday, July 30, 2007

mosquito rocking

mosquito is rocking.....

its hot asss isn't it?

hot ass.... :o

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Small dogie drunked and smoked.

some femal dogy deny his love due to sadness he started drinking and smoking... poor dog.

its just a amazing beuti..

Beutiful .... i have no words to comment on it

Green The music Band

check out this green band which play music... while u jog in garden

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

angelina jolie got footballs

hahah this hotest post ever i seed hotest first ranking in top 25 ladies... she got two hot footballs... its proved here . ha ha

Symbol of ****** : hot babes realy hot

some itme this hot babes show real symbol of love***** ;)

Husband is slave for wifes : Bugs also proove it

this bugs also proving the husband is slave of wife :D

Love birds or Love monkeys?

Love Love is everywhere ...

who caught the pic?

how this pic can be caught? any guesses?

Up up almost out of the earth

Your new super herc coming in town..

How big is it

look that guy he bought sofa , but now he realize its bigger then his home...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Discovered the New fuel from yourself.

every Human got Fuel in him self he just need to find way how can he used it ! :)

dont look me like this..

hey dont look me like this its realy irritates :p

Sexy Fountain

this fountain is too sexy to see..

Putin or monster?

What is this Putin or monsteR?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Look Hot red Skirt Blond : Check the hands of Guy wearing Cap

Eh.. what this guy is doing check his hand while he is talking and looking with hot blonde.

Lovers Strike : Kiss in public

Woaa check those idiots..kissing in public.

Finnaly I am getting Married !

hmm this old fellow got 4 horny , hot, beutiful wifes . what will this wife got after his death. look he is in hospital in his last days of life. he must be very rich.. O_o

The Mysterious Picture

The Mysterious Picture : No more words to tell about it find your self the hidden mystery

Football is Used as weapon also

this days football also can be used as weapons, check this picture... amazing its Test weapon by Brazil... :P

Harry Potter and The Funny Witch

Harry Potter and Funny witch ? IS this Next movie to come?

Ho ha ! something Horror ?

What this picture tells you more about her. guess and comment on it guys

Whats up With them?

Whats up with them? are they doing something wrong?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Flying Cars - you cant catch me !

Flying cars : Those Village people cant catch her... look them

Who says we are enemy?

Yea we are Best freinds . today is Tom : My freind jerry's Birthday !

Friday, July 13, 2007

Adam and eve ?

Adam and eve? but who is that on there heads ? what he is doing ? is he looking that girl?

Take this flying Kick !

Dont mess with Kid's , check this Guy who messed and got a flying kick by the boy.

Whee i am flying

flying... supergirl?

No need of openers If your teeths are Strong !

If you brush your teeths regular there is no need to search any Bottle openers !
soon Openers will be replaced. :)

What she is sucking ? yummm

This is first pic of my blog. guys enjoy the pic and Comment on it !